A League of Their Own Playlist Project

I confess that I’ve never really been the kind of fan who shipped characters or felt inspired to create fan art for a show, but A League of Their Own is honestly like nothing else I’ve seen on tv and I suddenly found myself, in my late 40s, making the modern equivalent of a mix tape love letter to a fictional queer romance. By that I mean a playlist that uses songs as narrative building blocks to tell the story of the relationship between Greta and Carson as it unfolds during the first season of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League in 1943. You can check out my full article about the show, Queer Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose, at The Cultural Gutter and read more about the playlist here on Archive of Their Own. If you’re looking for a soundtrack to play while you re-live their romance in your head, give this a try on Spotify or Amazon Music:

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